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13/10/97 - 27/06/13 RIP 

 Dog - Black and White Tri Working Sheepdog
"Spirit of Benski"
Namesake of 2 Border Collies before him Agility and Flyball

Storm Storm Storm Storm Storm Storm Storm snow



05/05/00 - 04/08/11 RIP 

Dog - Red and White Border Collie
"Dyacre Reds Kai"
Agility and Flyball

Kai Kai Kai Kai Kai Kai Kai Kai





29/01/03 - 11/02/18 RIP

Bitch - Black and White Working Sheepdog
"Nothing but Gyp"
Agility and Flyball

Currently running veterans

Gypsy Gypsy Gypsy Gyp sand



The Two Tots


Chase and Phase Chase and Phase





20 May 2005, Dog - Blue and White Border Collie
"Rosmarinus Chase the Stars"
Litter brother to Phase - Agility

Retired at Grade 7

Chase Chase Chase jump chase chase





20 May 2005, Bitch - Blue and White Border Collie
"Rosmarinus Silver Moon"
Litter sister to Chase - Agility

Retired at Grade 6

Phase Phase Phase Phase



10th October 2010 - Dog - Blue and White Border Collie 

"Rosmarinus Silver Sunrise"

Competing at Grade 7

Edge 6 weeks Edge balance Edge weave Edge long Edge jump



3rd December 2017 - Dog - Seal Merle Border Collie

Will go on to do Agility